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Welcome to Digithos! We are an OD consulting firm enabling individual, team and organizational transformationChange can be hard. Change can be intimidating. Change is contextual. In our work, we start with this humble acknowledgement. We celebrate and build on what’s right with your organization, teams, and talent to bootstrap your change journey. For us, the right questions are as important as the answers. We think of ourselves as change sherpas – co-adventurers in your journey to unlock new possibilities and build leaders.

Our Services

Our Services

Digithos Leadership Reboot

The "Digithos Leadership Reboot" is a deep and transformational offering to help organizations build and execute a bespoke leadership development strategy. We bring together ideas from the latest research and timeless eastern and western philosophies to deliver core outcomes for the leader as a “whole person” to live and lead better. 

Transformational Change

Our approach to change is unique in the way it brings together time tested OD techniques, agile practices and awareness as a core capability. By looking at the “whole system” and starting with what’s working well in your organization and teams, we help iterate towards an ideal future. Partner with us to unfreeze potential and unlock possibilities for individuals, teams and the organization.


Digithos offers three distinct coaching modules - Leadership Coaching based on Marshall Goldsmith's time tested Stakeholder Centric Coaching (SCC )model, Career coaching specifically for aspiring and current Product Managers and Life Coaching to help you "Unblur your Life". Work with me to bring fundamental shifts to how you approach work and life.


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My name is Dinesh Tantri, Founder & Principal Consultant at Digithos. I'm delighted that you are here! At Digithos, we specialize in helping organizations achieve their most ambitious transformation goals. With more than 20 years of leadership experience across Microsoft, ThoughtWorks and TCS, I have had the opportunity to design and lead organizational development, culture change, knowledge management and product management initiatives at scale. 

What sets us apart is our unique approach to problem-solving bringing together cutting edge OD practices and timeless philosophies from the East and the West. We have the skills to understand complex people dynamics at the individual, team and organization levels and develop bespoke solutions to address them. I'm certified in the following:

  • Organizational Development(OD) (TISS/ODA)

  • Executive & Team Coaching (Marshall Goldsmith)

  • Global Leadership Assessment 360 (Marshall Goldsmith)

  • Positive Psychology: Martin E. P. Seligman’s Visionary Science (University of Pennsylvania)

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Saravanan Theckyam, Product Leader - Google, Ex-Amazon


"Dinesh Tantri transformed my professional growth and influenced how I managed my organization for 20+ years. He has been my unbiased, personal leadership coach with a mission to bring positive transformation in organizations through individual leadership development. His deep-rooted methods draw from a synthesis of his own 22+ years of work experience with CxOs, coupled with learnt lessons from global experts from companies such as Microsoft, Thoughtworks and India's Tata group. Look no further if you need a consultant to either bootstrap or bring in cultural transformations that are actionable for you or your organizations."


Dinesh Tantri
Founder, Digithos


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